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Jan 02, 2018

Sticking to Your New Year Resolution

We have all heard the saying “New Year, New Me” when it comes to bringing in a new year. While this is a great time to make changes that you believe will be beneficial to your life going forward, there are a lot of times when sticking to your resolutions becomes harder than expected. The sky is...

Dec 05, 2017

Winter Break is Here... but wait!

December is here! You know what that means, WINTER BREAK!

but wait... there are a few things left to do before enjoying your winter break to it's fullest.

2. Knock those finals out of the park!
3. Final get togethers with...

Nov 01, 2017

What to Watch - November

With the start of November we experience cooler weather and the end of days filled with enjoying outdoor activities in the hot sunshine. We also know that both College mid-terms and Holiday break’s are upon us which means study groups and late night cram sessions become a way of life. It is...